Astrology january 29 eclipse

Imagine the changes taking place now are in your best interest, encouraging your innate strength to take root. Leo, it can easily seem like this moon is all about you. After all, your position as usual is front and center. Yes, you do deserve the spotlight. You deserve to be applauded and honored and loved on. By all means, get yourself some good love. However, the deeper work of this moon is happening in the balance between self and other. Are the others in your life getting the love and respect they want as well? This Moon invites you and your loved ones to claim equal sovereignty.

Solar Eclipse January ~ Solar Flare by Darkstar Astrology

What happens now could change the way you are in the world. Welcome this new, more generously loving version of self whole-heartedly. Oh Virgo, give yourself a break. You can easily busy yourself with work and daily life and to-dos — so much so that empty time for rest and dreaming can too often fall by the wayside. This Moon, you may feel your energies as scattered, spread-thin, or depleted. Sleep in for a few days this week. Chill in a hot tub.

Your worth is not determined by what or how much you do, how many you help, or how perfectly you perform. You are worthy simply because you are. And right now, you are probably sleepy. Libra, you have so much to offer when it comes to people. You can spend a lot of time with folks one-on-one, which is great, but this Moon encourages you to move beyond the individualized connections.

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Contact your network. Get out and about in your town, in your field, and online. Promote your creative projects where they feel most exciting.

Returning From Exile

It is easy to see your gifts, and this eclipse may deliver you opportunities to put them to good use. Open your heart and activate your higher mind. Your unique genius will serve the collective. What is happening for you in the realm of work, career, and engagements with the public, Scorpio?

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It might be time for you to put yourself out there and be seen. You have a powerful presence, and people are taking notice. Take ownership. Get in boss-mode. Perhaps a promotion is in order, or you have the chance to align with work that better suits your soul. You may need to adjust things on the homefront to make way for the work that is most current and passionately blazing in your heart.

That could mean leaving an actual homespace or just freeing yourself from confining insecurities. At the very least, clear out the cobwebs and make yourself a nice platform or set your stage. Sagittarius, you are rather in your element during this Lunar Eclipse. This Moon will motivate you to expand your horizons. Plan a trip, travel, make pilgrimage, do ceremony, have outrageous and boisterous fun. Boldly proclaim your meaningful truth and broad perspectives — but also make room to absorb the truths of others. Ask yourself an important question: What are you running from?

And what do you think you are running towards? Is there something you are trying to escape? Wherever you go, there you are. Take your time — you may not be seeing everything totally clearly. Wait until the dust settles on this eclipse to firm your plans. Capricorn, you can certainly feel like you are under pressure. You are undergoing hard work to actualize yourself and your goals. No rush. This process will take time, and it is already and unequivocally unfolding.

The good news is your work will pay off. And, maybe most importantly, it will make you well-equipped to provide for those you care about. This Moon highlights your resources. Everything is give and take. You may need to let go of some of your investments or encumbering ties. You may need to part with some cash or clear some slates. Remember money is a thing you can use to further your best intentions. Lighten your load and become empowered. No hu man is an island. Aquarius might try to disagree with this statement, feeling like a lone wolf or free electron themselves.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

But at the same time, the power and influence of the collective cannot be ignored. Aquarius, what does freedom mean to you? It might be time to update this definition. Let it be current. What would feel most freeing to you right now? Listen to your heart instead of your mind, here. Sometimes liberation starts to look more like isolation or entrapment in the ivory tower of ideology.

At those times, what we need is a pulsing heart connection and the warmth of human-to-human relating. If love is what we are and love is all there is, how do you want to express love for yourself and your fellow humanity at this time? Love can set us free. Pisces, I love how compassionate you are. You truly care about other living beings to the depth of your soul.

20–21 January 12222 Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon)

No one can avoid subjectivity. We all see life through our own eyes, assess it according to experience and react to protect what feels like a vulnerable core. In doing so we impinge upon the lives of others, often in ways we fail to perceive. Relationships are intensely complex. This heavenly configuration acts as a doorway into the eclipse season, supporting those who seek to master emotions and penetrate their true message, not be forever swamped by their unremitting force.

We cannot wait for feelings to subside, fear to abate, emotions to settle or our brains to churn out the chemicals of happiness to ease our lot. Instead we must get to know our feelings: how they arise, their triggers, their patterns and, most important of all, how we create, perpetuate and manage them. This T Square assures us we do.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is a master instructing his disciple, a motif which speaks of the transmission of wisdom from one who knows to one who seeks. In its retrograde phase Neptune reminds us the knower and seeker are one and the same. We need only still the mind and look within to discover well-springs of wisdom: the very heart of all that we are.

Astrology of January 12222 – A New Beginning

How often do we profess a certain belief only for it to go out the window once challenges arise? How often do our feelings tell us one thing but we do something else instead? A vibrant and wise part of us is silenced. We continue with our lives largely oblivious to this fact, but each time we agree when we want to disagree, act when we want to stand back or say nothing when we want to speak up, another part of our core essence is cast into darkness.

The longer we live this way, the more of our psyche and spirit is disenfranchised and the smaller our lives become. The journey of awakening is akin to emerging from this exile to embrace fully the role of wise counsellor, teacher and seer, to and for ourselves. To awaken is not to escape into bliss or to avoid the cut and thrust of daily life. We awaken within the fabric of our humanity, not to escape it. We continue to live in a world on the brink, where societies have been torn apart by deep divisions of suspicion, hatred and fear the world over.

Where human activity threatens the survival of countless species including our own and patriarchal posturing continues to eclipse a more equitable and heart-centred expression of our humanity. To awaken is to see all of this and our part in it. And then to birth a wise and noble Self that counters the dominant narrative of greed, aggression and war with a commitment to peace, wisdom and hope. A void-of-course Moon makes no more aspects to planets until it enters its new sign, and therefore signals a time of stillness during which activity and effort produces few useful results.

This eclipse pushes you into the limelight and compels you to rise to the occasion. Promote yourself and show off your capabilities. Take on a higher profile. With Jupiter in Scorpio egging on the eclipse, your ambition is in overdrive. Read between the lines like a true Scorpio and intuit how to handle your boss. Take turns! Rise and grind.

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An urge for adventure could push you to take a risk in search of new experiences that blow your mind wide open, and a leap of faith may be necessary to see an entrepreneurial venture through to completion. Your feelings and views are closely intertwined now, which can make you extra outspoken. You might feel more restless than ever to explore the world through travel and education or to fast forward into the future where your vision is already a reality. An eclipse like this can usher in a major epiphany that raises your consciousness and shifts your trajectory.

With Mercury skipping into your cognition-and-communication zone and linking arms with Mars in Sag, you have a great chance to sync your thoughts and actions and advance your own interests. Make an effort to spot opportunities and then show initiative. A Venus-Jupiter meeting hints that a positive attitude and pleasant interactions can spur an empathic desire to help others.

Fondness can cross into fantasy, though, if you put someone on a pedestal, so aspire to love with acceptance, not illusion. When a lunar eclipse rolls through your sharing-and-depth house this week, a close relationship could hit a crossroads, with a choice between reinvesting in it or cutting your losses. Physical intimacy is liable to be extra passionate and intense under this lunation, since emotions are running high — and a fight followed by makeup sex might be how this plays out.

If you have a partner, his or her needs come to the forefront, requiring you to find a healthy balance between giving and taking. The eclipse also impacts your psyche, possibly bringing difficult feelings into the light so you can transform pain into power.

This is a good chance to recover from a loss or crisis or overcome a fear, because a tremendous internal shift is feasible now. You could also settle a debt, loan someone money or benefit from an investment paying off. Trying to negotiate mine and ours can get messy, and the upheaval in this part of your life can make you feel vulnerable. With Mercury prancing into your worth sector and joining hands with Mars, even more of your attention will gravitate to what you have and what you need. Available in-person in NYC!

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