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Taurus' are strong but stubborn, Cancers are nurturing but moody, and Leos are dominant but full of pride. So is your personality profile as clearly defined as the stars in the sky? Take this test to find out whether you are truly in line with your sign! Read each question carefully and indicate which option best applies to you. There may be some questions describing situations that you may feel are not relevant.

Longer trends are activated by eclipses and by the movements of the outer planets—Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Learn About Your Sign

Astrologers believe in the maxim As Above, So Below. By that I mean there is a direct relationship between the activities of the planets and human activity on earth. Most people see a relationship between full moons and human behavior; astrologers just see this phenomenon in much greater depth and detail.

We are not sure why astrology works but we are certain there is a connection.

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There are many theories as to why, but science does not admit that there are forces in the universe that we still do not fully understand. It is possible that in the future we will discover why astrology works. As I study astrology I have concluded that the universe wants us to succeed. Full moons bring debris to the surface so that we can see it and sweep it away. New moons bring the right conditions to plant new seeds.

Certain aspects bring feedback and a chance to correct our courses. Other aspects bring obstacles to test our resolve and allow us to recommit to our goals with greater determination. Still others bring opportunities to help us move forward or bring rewards to make us realize that our hard work has been worthwhile after all.

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Blessings are often disguised as challenges and it is up to us to recognize them for what they are. Good energy always attracts more good energy.

If you act courageously, prepare thoroughly, work passionately and are honest and ethical, you will overcome obstacles and ultimately achieve your dreams. If there is anything I want to impart to you it is this: life rewards action.

Make decisions not out of fear but out of conviction. Sometimes the line dividing the two is thin, but it is an important one. Also listen to your intuition, even if you have no reason to believe it is right. Your intuition is the voice of your heart and it will protect you. You can hone your intuition by paying attention to it, trusting it and using it.

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  • Finally, take your goals seriously and others around you will too. Dear reader, you will be limited only by your imagination. If you open your mind and ask lots of questions, even more information will be revealed to you. Cast a wide net and then consider all of your options—astrology will aid you in the process. When you begin to solve your problem by deciding on a course of action, you will probably only think of the most obvious solutions at first.

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    This is not unusual. However, if you stay with the problem-solving process, more original and creative responses will emerge as you go along. These new ideas, conceived after hard thinking and working with your horoscope, often are the truer ones because they do not represent knee-jerk reactions. In fact, these solutions may be the best ones for you!

    Astrology is also valuable in helping us form realistic expectations and a clear perspective. Many of our most frustrating disappointments stem from misguided expectations.

    What Astrology Can and Can Not Do

    Sometimes our thinking is too idealistic or muddled, while at other times we feel our problems stem from a miscommunication. Life has a way of giving us the feedback we need to get us back on track. My mother, who taught me astrology, told me recently that after years of studying astrology she has come to learn that personality drives a chart and that personality and character are greater indicators of destiny than any other quality.

    Ruled by the first house of the horoscope, personality rules your response to your environment. Give twelve people the same problem and you will get twelve different responses—this is what makes life interesting. Another thought to consider: If you give the same person the same problem every year for twelve years if that were possible!