Daily horoscope 25 december

Color pink. You take control and clean up a mess at home or at work with speed and alacrity. Love and romance in personal relationships add to your happiness and satisfaction.

Love and Compatibility for December 25 Zodiac

You achieve goals by focusing on priorities rather than depleting energy in multifarious activity. Lucky number 9. Colour red. You bring clarity and perspective in chaotic situations. Inner strength and centering is more important than outside power and a complicated mess. Trust your heart and feelings when making personal choices or decisions.

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The beautiful space in your heart brings beauty, pleasure and happiness in personal relationships. The heart is likely to go through a major experience that touches and transforms you. Lucky number 1. Colour pink. Watch your anger and use that energy to achieve professional goals. Your perspectives need to be clear or you waste time on unimportant details. A calm, meditative and silent space inside helps you to put things in correct perspective and bring harmony around you.

Libra daily horoscope – December 25 2018

You make a breakthrough in old emotional patterns and release yourself from restricting relationships. Some events and situations need to be simply witnessed and not pulled or pushed in any direction. Trust life and remain confident and strong within. Lucky number 5. Colour mustard yellow. Beware of getting into old addictions or emotional patterns, as you are vulnerable. Rather than be carried away by your emotions, witness them, till they adjust and balance. When your heart and head pull you in different directions, listen to your heart!

You act and make decisions after much deliberation and consideration. Personal relationships are loving, content and complete at this point. You work towards and find perfection and beauty in many aspects of life.

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You could get moody or maudlin be aware. Lucky number You need to calm down, take one step at a time and think positively. Lack of persistence and interest leads to disruption! Great care in some things is counterbalanced by equal disorder in others. In financial and professional matters, something significant is unlikely to happen. Take time to prepare for the upcoming holiday. It is recommended to choose an outfit in advance. Doing so today should be easy and not break the bank. Pisces may be at some festive event today. It is possible that we are talking about a corporate office or about spontaneous gatherings in a close friend's house.

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Daily Horoscope December 25 - Venus enters Capricorn

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