Moon sign horoscope for sagittarius

As the Moon changes signs quickly, this constant change can also make you somewhat moody. You operate by your feelings, and even if something logically looks sound, you will rarely go against how you feel, and can make decisions based purely on instincts. You are easily hurt, but have an outer protection the crab's shell and will instinctually pull back and shut down to protect yourself.

You are a savvy operator, a strong person and have an emotional strength that could be referred to as 'fragile steel'. Once the door is closed, it is locked.

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

But treat you well, your depth of emotions are revealed as loyal, protective and nurturing. Emotional LEO: The Sun, being our most powerful force, the center of our solar system, and Leo's ruler, gives you the confidence and stamina to take charge of your life as well as your emotions. You strive on being the leader, and excel when your talents are recognized and admired. When you are emotionally out of sorts, your natural bossiness can take over, with you being petty and conceited. On the positive side, enthusiastic and extravagant, you are generous of heart and spirit, and care deeply about those who love and support you.

Your emotions are closely linked to your pride and as you love to be the center of attention, your emotions are heightened when you are out front and proud of whom you are and what you do. Emotional VIRGO: Ruled by Mercury, the thinking planet, you are an intellectual being, emotionally reserved and have a strong sense of self.

However, you do have a tendency to over analyze and get too caught up in petty details that can distract your attention from the big picture and how you feel at a heart level. You tend to be critical and picky, but the truth is, Virgo, you are only this way with the people you love and care about, otherwise, they wouldn't even rate on your radar. You are your emotional best when you can reach out and offer your services to others, but only those who appreciate your efforts.

Criticism is also directed at yourself, and you can be your hardest critique, striving for the best, but often an unattainable outcome. The solution — be kind to yourself. As you are the sign of the scales, one of the ways you keep your emotions balanced is to continually try to keep your environment, as well as the people you deal with, as harmonious as possible.

You seek to get along with people, and can often put their needs before yours in an attempt to keep everything agreeable, which may be good for them, but in the end will unsettle you and upset your equilibrium. When you go too far in one direction of giving up too much of your own needs, the pendulum can swing the other way, and you feel taken advantage of and can become irritable and snarky.

Seek the balance between your needs and those of others — that's the sweet spot. Emotional SCORPIO: Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, the planet of transformation, influences your inner world with intensity, power and the desire to probe to the very depths, for truth. Emotional fulfillment lies in honest connections with others that include strong, sensitive and passionate expression.

If you are annoyed, angered or upset, people may never know as you hide your emotions under a cool demeanor choosing instead not to reveal your position. This can make others suspicious, and you use it as your secret weapon. In many ways, you live for the drama of life, emotional intensity, as it makes you feel alive.

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On the other hand, the more control you have over your own emotions, the more powerful you feel. When you mix with people you have a deep emotional commitment with, you embrace them with a love and protectiveness that is unmatched by any other.

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As a seeker of truth, you feel unsettled if you are required to keep a secret and can bluntly tell others what you feel they need to know. And even if the truth hurts, it will relieve emotional tension and allow you to feel comfortable once again in your own skin. You love to experience life to the full, and preferably with someone by your side, even if you do shy away from making a commitment.

You are positive and optimistic and will generally not stay in a negative mood for long, choosing to live life on a higher vibration. As a Capricorn, to keep your emotions equalized, you need a decompressing time between your busy schedule and before mingling with others in the outer world. But it is important not to stay in solitude for too long so you avoid entering the space of the saturnine blues.

You are comfortable with your own company, but you do better when you mix with others. Your need to feel worthwhile with your place in the world can be a serious endeavor and it is often not until your later years, when you feel a sense of achievement, that you can really feel relax and settled. You don't give your heart easily, but when you do love and trust a special someone, you give your all. You are a trailblazer, and as such, can be in your own world, leaving others to think you are standoffish, when really, you are just sorting things out in your mind.

So, in this sense, you do better to associate with people who are secure within themselves, secure enough to allow you the freedom to be who you are without taking your so-called aloofness personally. Only then can you truly be balanced emotionally, otherwise, you are continually sidetracked by other's anxieties.

You can be unpredictable, and that goes for your emotions, too. They suffer from issues in hip areas. They also experience hormonal imbalances. If the person does regular exercise, they can live a happy and healthy life.

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  7. Sun: The Sun in Sagittarius causes concerns related with arteries, blood, hips, liver and thighs. These people experience hardening of the arteries also known as Atherosclerosis, diseases affecting coronary arteries and high blood pressure. These people are generally worried about their over weight associated with Jupiter. This sign is the healthiest of all the zodiac signs. The ruling planet, Jupiter really favors the people belonging to this sign.

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    Shallow breath is common among these natives. Women generally have big hips and huge thighs. As you grow older you will start gaining more weight making you over weight.

    Your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

    The guys belonging to this sign generally remain thin. Regardless of the sex, these people suffer from injuries in the lower part of their body like a broken hip or thigh, injured pelvis, etc. Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person. Biswarup Tarafder. Medical Astrology Sagittarius , Sagittarius Health issues Astrology is a language of interconnections, showing how all the things, health, signs, planets, people, herbs, etc.

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