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This happen in Saturn-Sun Vimshottari dasha of Swamy. The Sun is strongly placed in the ascendant with Mercury. As per Swamy it was Vajpayee who stopped Morarji Desai from giving cabinet birth to him in the Janata Party government. Swamy also attack Vajpayee for giving a letter of apology to Indira Gandhi to come out of the prison on parole during emergency.

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Swamy took the revenge of it from Vajpayee when he engineered the fall of the first BJP led NDA government in that lasted for 13 days only. Notice here the bad aspect of Saturn in Rashi, Navamsha and Dashamsha charts. This astrologically explain the political conspiracy engineer by Swamy cleverly. But it cost him a lot as later in year the BJP won the general elections can came back into the power. Swamy came into limelight in when Swamy filed a case in the Supreme Court to cancel the licences in 2G spectrum alleging corruption.

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Swamy got success in convincing the apex court in the matter which send the then telecom minister A. Raja to jail in It was during the Mercury-Mars dasha when Swamy become a hero in the anti corruption movement against the Congress government. It was the Mercury-Jupiter period in the horoscope of Subramanian Swamy. Now Swamy is under the Mercury-Saturn dasha from April to December which shows that he is likely to get success in the court of law.

Saturn and Mercury are both placed in trine.

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Both dasha lords are strong in Rashi and Dashamsha charts. Later the Ketu maha dasha will operate from December Ketu is in the 9th house of higher judiciary receiving the aspect of 9th lord Mars. Swamy is likely to get success in National Herald Case as well as in the Ayodhya Ram Temple case around when transiting Saturn and Jupiter would be in Capricorn Makar at the natal 9th lord Mars of his horoscope.

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But before that he may have to deal with some health issues, injuries and controversies as his Mercury-Saturn period shows. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. Share this:. Blog Stats 1,, hits.

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Subscribe to Blog via Email Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ask it above. Location: India. Subramaniam, Son of Guruji K. Krishnamurthi, who is the founder of KP System of Astrology.

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Due to his preoccupancy in Office work, he is assisted by his wife, Shikha for accomplishing the astrology related articles, research or publication thereof. Shikha, a BE and an Honours Graduate in Sociology from India is a keen learner of astrology and helps Bibhash in accomplishing astrology related research and articles during her leisure time. Shikha is a house wife and she claims that KP System of astrology is the perfect and the accurate system amongst all branches of astrology in the world and can be learned quickly under good mentorship of her husband.

Bibhash and Shikha are blessed with a daughter Shubhra Year What do your fans mean to you? My beloved fans are a source of inspiration for me. This set of books is mainly intended for beginners and learners to have an insight into Krishnamurti Paddhati and their application in the reading of horoscopes of clients. The several important textual matters contained in the five readers have been brought in a condensed form and explained with adequate examples of horoscopes so as to be easily intelligible and understandable to the readers. Notify me when it's available:. Availability : Usually ships in 2 to 3 weeks.

Type your information below:. We are here to be happy, to live in Bliss. The more we advance in our spiritual unfoldment, the more we know we are Bliss at the core of our existence. More wisdom Astrology for Beginners 6 Vols. Subramanian No customer reviews yet. Be the first.

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