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The New Moon and first Eclipse of are on January 5th. The breakthrough influence of Uranus going direct eliminates any hesitancy to dive into something new. July 12th marks the New Moon, Solar Eclipse.

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So, what does that mean exactly? Depending on where the eclipse lands in your astrological house of life experience. A New Moon is time for something new.

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With the Sun in humanitarian-oriented Aquarius, we are experiencing another world Olympics. Watching the camaraderie is a fabulous example of our countries coming together.

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If you can cast your minds eye back to August when the first eclipse of this series occurred, wheels may have been set in motion outlining the bigger picture of the eclipses since, and those yet to occur. If you have a really good memory, the following dates may also be noteworthy from when the nodes last entered this portion of the zodiac. When working with eclipses, I generally consider really tight conjunctions only, within 3 degrees maximum of the degree of the eclipse.

When this is the case, the impact of an eclipse will be much more potent or life changing. Overall, eclipses can trigger a string of events that plays out over the course of weeks or months and can have a karmic or fated feel to them.

Solar eclipse of February 27, 2036

How they communicate with your chart will determine their potency. There is often an awareness that their life is fated in some way. Making a choice and going with it seems to be the way they operate in life. Often with a lack of internal conflict as they are guided by a force that is fated or destined beyond those not born under an eclipse. Children of eclipses tend to live a life of greatness as they instinctually know what their path is. A native of the New Moon eclipse may be more behind the scenes than those born on a lunar or Full Moon eclipse- as you may expect.

February 2017 Astrology: Eclipse Season in Effect

To be born on an eclipse, you have to be born on a New or Full Moon. In the case of a solar eclipse, the Sun and Moon are conjoined and within range, 18 degrees of the North or South Node. As all eclipses are linked to fate, they will remind you of your free will to pay attention to the messages the sky is telling you, or not!

Cadent houses are known to be less active than the other houses. Though, the full moon in Leo technically not an eclipse back in August I did make an important decision that has since become a major turning point in my life. Take note of the feelings or events that are coming up now.

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Are the themes from the eclipse dates mentioned above repeating? This will give you insight into the personal meaning of this amazing eclipse for you.

ECLIPSES of February 2017 / Lunar Eclipse Feb. 10th, Solar Eclipse Feb. 26th

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