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For Facebook, whose year has been tumultuous, choosing Libra as the name to turn over a new leaf seems far from coincidence.

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Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Paige Leskin. The cryptocurrency shares its name with a horoscope sign that represents balance and fairness, a fact that Libras and astrologists are taking issue with. Astrologists tell Business Insider they think the name choice is an intentional move, as Facebook deals with a scandal-riddled past and regulators already questioning Libra. Accordingly, you may find that you have an innate need to connect with the world around you, and may have a talent for creating rapport with others.

Libra is also a Cardinal sign, highlighting the need to act. Libra is symbolized by the Scales. This need for balance and harmony in your life extends from your personal environment to your social life, and all the relationships you have with others.

Libra Zodiac Sign in Astrology - Meaning Explained

You are likely to be a natural peace-maker, with innate diplomatic and negotiating abilities. Your instinctive ability to get on with others can make you popular and gracious in most situations.

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You are likely to be quite a social individual, respected for your reasonable, fair-minded approach to life. Because you are likely to be an excellent negotiator, you will always be good with anything that requires finding common ground.

You may do well as well as a host, counselor, promoter, mentor or sales person — anything which requires you to balance potentially conflicting agendas. Being well-equipped to objectively assess all sides of a situation, you are likely to be very good at communicating with others in ways that are balanced, harmonious and fair. Principles will be important to you.

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You are likely to have a strong sense of justice, and will feel disturbed by any situation that you perceive as unfair. Your peace-making qualities may mean you become involved in situations where inequity is an issue, having a need to take action so that principles of fairness and justice are upheld. Conflict may surround you, but when you assert your need to be fair, you show others how to find the middle-ground.

God is sitting here, looking into my very soul to see if I think right thoughts. Yet I am not afraid, for I try to be right and good; and He knows every one of my struggles. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, suggesting you will have natural talents where other people are concerned. You are likely to be charming, intelligent, witty and gracious, a ready go-between. This ease can open doors and cement opportunities. As a sign of relationship, Libra of course needs to interact with others.

Therefore this is likely to be a relationship lifetime for you, and everything will work better for you when you do it with others rather than on your own.

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The need for relationship can prove challenging however. You may act or think in ways that are not always for your best interest just to keep a relationship alive. Then you may find then yourself involved in situations that are disturbingly out of balance, and do not reflect your true needs.

1. It's a time of rest.

The downfall here is that you may have a tendency to put your need to please and appease other people over your willingness to have your own needs met, resulting in an instinctual response pattern where you always bend your will to other people, being to afraid to reveal what it is that you truly want. Those that go searching for love only make manifest their own lovelessness, and the loveless never find love, only the loving find love, and they never have to seek for it — D.

H Lawrence, Moon in Libra.

This can lead to the double jeopardy of never getting your real needs met, while leaving others with the feeling that you have something to hide. Oct 8, - You tend to be unconventional, but today you could outdo even you. A spiritual experience could be at the heart of it. You're changing in ways that are obvious to everyone.

Don't worry if they're confused. You'll be confused, too.

Libra (astrology)

Think of yourself as a caterpillar becoming a butterfly! The transition may be strange, but the butterfly is far lovelier than the caterpillar!

Have an important decision to make? Consult a spiritual advisor now. OCT 8, - Read full overview.