December 22 horoscope sign cancer or cancer

Gemini or Gemini Rising. Cancer or Cancer Rising. The full moon in your sign presents a moment to see yourself fully, Cancer. Aside from the relationships in your midst, you can stand in your full, solo presence, taking stock of your physicality. Shine a light on any niggling issues, and celebrate your look!

Leo or Leo Rising. Pull back Leo, and know your limits! The moon is peaking in your rest and closure zone, so you may need to retreat and get some extra sleep before the holidays hit. If you are invited to some full moon gatherings be sure not to pack your weekend too full of activity. This is one full moon to take it slow, enjoy your space, and those people that bring you comfort. Take extra precautions not to get sick if you are out and about. Virgo or Virgo Rising.

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Group gatherings are favoured, particularly with the tribe you identify as family as well as friends. It could get emotional, so add a pearlescent dewy glow under moonlight. Libra or Libra Rising. Your role, and sense of wellbeing is paramount now, and it might be easier enjoying your position at this time. Be seen, and then be ready to settle down over the holidays.

Happy full moon! Scorpio or Scorpio Rising. You might now be engaging in a special passion of yours, with broader horizons now illuminated and in focus.

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Look further afield today, and let your wisdom shine through. Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising. Close, personal relationships are lit at this full moon, and your private life is a rich, fertile land to be relished, Sagittarius! Allow your investments to stand strong, with a great emphasis on the ties you have with others. Capricorn or Capricorn Rising. Your close, personal relationships and interactions are the focus of this full moon, as you step closer to relying on and trusting others, Capricorn.

No man is an island, however you can often put up strong castle walls. During this full moon, Luna asks you to soften like butter, and melt into the safe harbour that is others. Give yourself today to enjoy the friendships that feel strong and true, and that nurture you most. Aquarius or Aquarius Rising. It will soon be appropriate to draw back, taking time out to recharge, but today, feel revitalised by high tides and the moon at its fullest.

Pisces and Pisces Rising. Romance, play, artistic creations and children are in the spotlight for you on the full moon in Cancer, so look to have fun, Pisces! Make love, not war, and feel good about your own interests and learnings. Mars in your own sign is raring to go, but soften the edges just a littleā€¦.

Cancer is the zodiac sign ruling over the stomach and breasts and with the full moon in Cancer shine a light on your boobs!

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  • Check your chest for lumps and bumps with this helpful guide from National Breast Cancer. We are free to experience more of life as it is, more of ourselves with less burden, and more of our relationships with less projection. Come this holiday, solstice, full moon season, give yourself the gift of tenderness and release.

    The winter solstice is a time of celebration, a time to call the sun back from its most distant journey away from us. A time to kindle the flames within us, lighting our own way back to ourselves. This full moon echoes this sentiment as it finds more hours to shimmer and shine in the longest night in the northern hemisphere. When the heavens party, so too should we, even if a little emotionally. What you heal within your origin story, you heal in your present and future.

    No matter what is going on, look to the root of the issue. Investigate your emotional responses. There is great intelligence in them. They speak to something you had to gloss over earlier in life that is now ready to be received. Be as honest as possible about what you need when you need it. What touches your heart needs to roll off your tongue. Tell your siblings, cousins, aunties, and besties how you feel about them.

    Tell yourself the truth about what ails you. Tell on yourself when your pride is inhibiting your healing. Honesty with others requires us to witness where they are at, where we are at, and where we can meet, if possible. Find ways to stay fluid with your feelings. Sing your heart out. Source your joy from the rituals in your life that never let you down. Give yourself permission to get it off your chest.

    Spend some of your resources on your healing.

    Daily Horoscope December 22, 2016: Cancer

    Spend some of your money on your emotional well-being. Spend some of your assets on what fills you with a feeling of connection to all that keeps you energetically un-stuck. Issues around money, worth, or your work are most-likely charged with an emotional intensity. You are a light for many. A source of love and understanding for the masses. A healthy heap of healing for the harrowed. You deserve to give yourself back the same sweetness, the same understanding, and the same generous compassion you dole out daily. But when you do so without returning the favor to yourself you get crusty.

    Cautious about good things that want to get to you. While this full moon celebrates all your achievements, and they are many, it reminds you that this is no race. This is a lifetime. This moon is here to remind you that your boundaries and your ability to care for what is inside them, are imperative if you are to accomplish all you want to.

    Whatever you have put in place over the past 6 months that has encouraged your healing is revealing its impact. The solstice full moon reminds you of the incredible power of caring for yourself in most mundane of ways. When you offer yourself the softness of self-love, and the nourishment of compassion for your struggle, you are fortified against the cold winds of the world. The solstice full moon makes clear that caring for community, and being cared for by them, is an undeniably important aspect of your mental health.

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    When you know that there are places and spaces you can go to that reflect your yearning for connection, acceptance, and love, you are vaccinated against the bitterness that can so easily seep into the human soul. Family is formed by blood, but also by intention. Make yours one that embraces the kindred spirits that you come across.

    This full moon reflects a blossoming of some aspect of your career. Whatever you began 6 months ago is finding its way to fruition. Keep aligning your career ambitions with what moves you.

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    With what feels right to your heart. Get your gut involved. When it says yes, move towards the professional and public opportunities that make it happy. No one but you knows what the next right move is, but whatever comes to consciousness about your professional and public directions around the full moon acts as confirmation, and any confirmation is cause for celebration. Take time to honor your most cherished achievements of , and see what more you can make of them come The marks that your journey has left upon you can now be worn with pride.

    Sagittarius (astrology)

    Nothing left in its pristine condition has been initiated, at least not into anything interesting. This full moon illuminates the thresholds that you have currently crossed from innocence to expansive experience. As the full moon celebrates your willingness to try, it also upholds the best of your ideas. Helps to publish your message so that they can be received far and wide. Who has come through? Which partnerships get you and know how to grow with you?

    Not every investment is meant to bring the returns you expect, however. Some situations reveal themselves as unable to care at the level you can, and should be noted as such. You have unlimited creative energy at your disposal, but a limited amount of hours in your day and life. Believe in the abundance of your options and then align yourself with the best fits available.