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There is another tip that can be done while the moon is waxing and in Jupiter. If it falls on a Thursday, wear green or blue color to tap more positive vibes. This simple exercise can improve your circumstances incredibly. Keep the memo safe, place it in your wallet or carry it in your bag, you will feel like carrying your best wishes and positivity along with you.

You can repeat these little rituals as often as you want, but doing them at the right time is important. Replace the balloon as soon as it deflates but, do it at the appropriate hour. We know it is not possible each time but, whenever you meet your loved one on Thursday, make sure to wear a green or blue color. Jupiter believes in ultimate independence and throws a fit each time its independence is in trouble.

The planet will make sure you meet the love of your life and get her. There is only one thing about this jovial planet that is not admirable. It turns lazy when things are going well. It merely means that you should not leave your hard work even when you have got all the opportunities.

Maintain your energy levels so that your Jupiter never gets distracted. It has been a repeated question of ourselves that when will I get married and to whom? Not only the individual, but even the parents are also more interested to know the marriage forecast. Since marriage is considered as an important aspect in every individual, the expectation will always be. Everybody shoots different types of questions about their marriage and let us see the same here.

Marriage astrology is a specific task, and it contains three major parts, i. Nowadays, after getting information about the date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth, the natal chart is structured quickly. The 7th house in a natal chart decides marriage and represents the kind of relationship with the partner. Sometimes we may not properly marry but lead live-in relation for some years which can also be predicted here. Indian astrology is a vault of mysterious. When will I get married Indian astrology will bring you the clear result, we assure.

After analyzing the 7th house, the nature and position of the planet Jupiter and aspects of the 5th house will be studied to obtain the date prediction of marriage. The said planets are important when we discuss marriage. During the Dasha-bhukti of Venus, most of the men get married because the planet is the supporter planet for marriage in men whereas in women, during the Dasha-bhukti of Jupiter, the marriage happens.

Since the planet Rahu is considered to bring out the marriage life, its Dasha-bhukti is also calculated to find out the accurate date of marriage. Alongside, it is an essential aspect to check whether the pair has Manglik. Based on the different aspects of Mars, mangal Dosha may be high or low. However, a Manglik should marry to a Manglik only. Otherwise, there would be a lot of struggles, separation; even death may occur.

Only an expert astrologer could exactly predict the future of your marital life. If you ask when will I get married astrology by date of birth, you shall get his consultation first. An expert astrologer can conclude whether you are compatible with your partner whom you want to marry. This negates the regrets in marital life. Meeting and seeking advice from an expert astrologer will always help the native in many aspects.

Some principles based on the Indian astrology are given here at what age you will get married:. Powerful planets more than 1 in the 7th house — marriage may occur before the age of 24, and you have a chance for 2nd marriage. Marriage, particularly in Indian culture, is considered as an auspicious and important occasion. Marriage prediction by date of birth is one of the ways to analyze whether the marriage will be successful. Marriage prediction generally analyzes when you will get married, who will be your better-half, your relationship, the right time for your marriage, your family life and progeny, marriage yogas, Rahu-Ketu , and Kuja doshas and remedies.

Some planetary positions may delay marriages. In the case of men, the 7th house and its Lord, Venus forecast the nature and time of marriage. In women, 7th and 8th houses, their lords, Mars predict the marriage. Marriage prediction calculator helps in giving a detailed outline of the nature of your marriage and married life based on the planetary situations in the birth chart.

Marriage Calculator supports you to find out how the planetary influences related to your marriage in a natal chart shapes your marital life. The marriage calculator results through online are general, and a few aspects of the results in some natal charts may clash. Hence, you may see the results in total instead of getting trapped in particular areas. Love marriage has become a very common social marriage in the present situation. Though the pair have been dating for a long period, still, the family members believe strongly in marriage prediction, and at least they follow love marriage prediction by date of birth.

Everyone expects the love between the pair has to be long-lasting with all credits. So, love marriage prediction should be considered, and it is always considered. Many times, most of us would have asked whether I will get love or arranged marriage. The essential significator of marriage is Mars and Venus. Venus is the Karaka of a male horoscope, whereas Mars determines in a female.

Marriage is predicted by the ruling house 7. Hence, the 7th house from Moon, Sun, ascendant, Venus, and Mars are required to be judged in the case of arranged or love marriage. Mercury, Jupiter, 2nd house, 5th house, 8th house, 11th, and 12th house and their lords are secondary, and they are required to go for deep in marital life.


Giving prediction by date of birth, whether love or arranged marriage is also possible. The Lord of the seventh house and the seventh house itself is a critical perusing when talking about love marriage prediction. If the Lord of the 7th house makes integration with Moon, Venus, or Mars, then there are more chances for love marriage. If the Lord of the 7th house is available in the 1st, 5th, or 12th house, you will do love marriage without any chaos. When any strong emotional planets occupy the 5th house, there are high chances of for love marriage. To judge the love marriage prospects, the conjunction between Mars and Venus must be analyzed.

The Venus and marks relationship shows the possibility of arranged or love marriage. Nevertheless, the house of fortune, 9th house, and its Lord also play a significant role in this matter. The longevity is also determined and impacted with the ruling Dasha periods. However, though we discussed all the core points, it is always advisable to see an expert astrologer either by offline or online to get an accurate marriage prediction.

In astrology, there are mainly nine gemstones. Gemstones are very costly, and sometimes, they are duplicate. We can use a substitute for the gemstone. They are cheap and effective. Gemstone works for a long time while substitutes are valid for a short period. There is one gemstone of one planet and many substitutes. We can get benefit by choosing the right substitute. Sun : Ruby is the main gemstone of Sun. Spinal is the perfect substitute for Ruby. Wear it in a copper ring in the ring finger. Moon : Pearl is the main gemstone of Moon. One can sue Moonstone and Aenget. Wear Moonstone instead o pear in a silver ring.

Mars : Coral is the main gemstone of Mars. Laal Hakik is the substitute for coral. It is beneficial to wear this substitute in copper or gold ring. Mercury : Emerald is the main gemstone of Mercury. Hara Bairuj, Onex and Margaj are the substitutes of Emerald. Margaj is the very good substitute. It is beneficial to wear in a silver ring.

Jupiter : Topaz is the main gemstone of Jupiter. Yellow Bairuj is the very good substitute. It is beneficial to wear in brass or gold ring. Venus : Diamond is the main gemstone of Venus. Jarkan, American Diamond and Opal are the substitutes of Diamond. Opal is a very good substitute. Sometimes, Opal works better than Diamond.

Shani : Sapphire is the main gemstone of Shani.

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Tanjnight is the very good substitute for Sapphire. Also read Mangal is considered the commander of planets. It is the biggest planet of security. Mangal is the owner of Aries and Scorpio zodiac. Mangal gives courage, confidence, and power. Mangal protects the person from ups-down of life. In the horoscope, if it provides Rajyoga, then the person gets success in young age. Ruchak Yoga : It is the Panchmahapurush yoga of Mangal. This yoga becomes when Mangal is in Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn zodiac.

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This yoga makes a person mighty. A person goes in army, police or power field and gets a high position. Do not misuse your power if you have this yoga. You should help others. Lakshmi Yoga : This yoga becomes when Moon and Mars are together in the horoscope. This yoga is more effective if it is in the center Lagan, fifth or ninth or center Lagan, fourth, seventh, and tenth house. People never face a shortage of wealth. A person takes birth in the commonplace and become rich. People of this yoga found in a high position. Control on your speech and nature.

Help others through wealth and power. Dashmasth Yoga : In the horoscope, the tenth house is the main house of fire. Mangal becomes very powerful in this house. In this yoga, the person illuminates his family name. A person does hard work but also gets success in career. In this yoga, the person gets success in the field of technical, army, or land.

In this yoga, the person should take the family along with him. Worship lord Sun regularly. Ganpati not only worship first but also he is Vidhna Vinashak. He also gives intelligence. The vastu dosha of the home can be removed by the mercy of Ganesha. The Ganesha image avoids vastu dosha of main gate of the home, worship place, kitchen and work place. Keeping different color image of Ganesha in special places of the home avoids vastu dosha. Do not keep too many image of Ganesha in the home. Do not keep three Ganesha image together.

Keep left trunk Ganesha image in home. Do not keep image more than 12 angul height. Pit varn Ganesha is considered the best. Never offer basil leaf to Ganesha. Keep yellow, light green color image on study table and room. Do not keep too many images of Ganesha. Keep only one image or statue at one place. Do not keep lord Ganesha or any god image in bed room. Keep Ganesha image inside the main gate of the home. Never put Ganesha image outside of the home. Keep yellow color image of Ganesha at worship place. Daily offer Durva to Ganesha in morning.

Keep water in utensil in front of Ganesha. Remaining water put in plants. This will increase prosperity, happiness and removes problem in the home. Good Luck : Light green color is beneficial to keep health and mind good. Use green color strip to easily cure wound. Shani is still in Sagittarius Sign. He is going to the Retrograde on 30th April. The effect of Shani will be more powerful. The result of Shani increase on many zodiac signs. There will be a sudden change. Aries : There will be a success in career and wealth.

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Hello to all, the contents existing at this site are in fact remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows. My date of birth …i want to know about my life.. No job ,no marriage ,no money, only tensn in my life.. Whenever i think thati have to stop my life on one day.. Guruji pavan singha ji.

Plz help me …. I saw your program from 10 years.. So loss my luck. So i m very depressed in my life.. I waiting your reply…. Na job chahiye na paisa na kuch bs jab tk mere maa baap jinda h god kree yrs tk zinda rhe kya unke liye lyf me kbi khushi k do pal de skta hu….. Or kuch nhi chahiye lyf se achche i lve my pents sbi se badh kr. Issues- Marriage and carrier issues. Parents health not fine. Not properly settled in life.

Need your help urgently. Bhind, M. Provide me a right path. I am mailing on guruparv itvnetwork. Please make space a little bit free so my mail can be delivered And I am trying to contact guruji during tv show since last 5 months but unlucky please help me. Mare grand daughter hai 16 years ki usko ADHD disorder hai so please batao ki uske liye kiya upchar karu ki wo ekdam sahe ho jaye. Raja ghat la name orsatish jaiswal his date of barth Thanks for you………………………………………………………………. Mai 2 years se bimar rehta hu ,thik hota hu wapas months baad bimar ho jata hu.

Mujhe weakness,panic ghabrahat ka problem h. Guruji kuch aap upay bataye mere health k liye kaise thik hoga please batye bahut kripa hogi mujh par aapki. Guruji mujhe meri kundli banawani h. Kya process h banane ka mujhe bataye,mein karne k liye tayar hu. Ahmedabad Gujarat TOB. Guruji mera nam vishakha hai muze mere hasband ke baare me puchnaa hai. POB -Ahmedabad Gujarat. TOB pm Mere putra ko T. Sir ne batai hai uske liye bhi muze kripya karake bataye. Birth date time Namaste panditji my dob is 7 nov time 1. My dob- Time — AM I am suffering big finance problem. My only one property will be mortgage.

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Hey are using WordPress for your site platform? Do you need any html coding knowledge to make your own blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Guru ji namaste mera janam delhi me 4 11 i mujhe shaadi me bare m puchna hai jisase merit sagacious hui hai kuala meri usi se shaai hogi ya kahin aur aur life age kaisi rahegi guru plz samadha.

DOB — 19 Jun , birth place — Delhi , Time — 8 am lagbhag Sir meri problem ye hai ki mujhe Hemsha koi na bimari lagi rahati hai mera pet stomach hemsha kharab hai, kuch khana pina sharir par nahi lagta hai. P Guru ji bs ap ye man lyijiye kuch bi na sab bakar,,sabse phele gussa.. Guruji namaste….. I m very hardworking but I m not succeed in my life… I want to become a doctor and struggling a,lot….

I want to know My future… Can I will be a doctor… I want to know my future…. Guruji plzzz help me…. Pranam sir, Mera name himanshu ojha hai, par mai only Himanshu likhta hu. Dob 13 jan at pm in Lucknow UP. Mere ko job ka poochna hai, ki permanent job kab tak hoga, kis field me. Plz sir help me. Plz reply kijiyga.

Namasty guru ji Meri dob. Meri tabiyat shi nhi rhti hmesha stomach and body pain hota rhta h kya kre. Guruji Pranam. Muje ek bati hai ab agale bache k bare me soch rahi ho per abhi kuch positive result nhi mila kab tab ho go. Daughters future and family life.

Actually my husband have changed many profession till now but do not settled in any one and at this tym he is in construction line with his father from last four years but do not get any benefits even lost his own capital money in his work every time. You r requested to help us in choosing the correct profession of my husband we r very oblige of u. Murta 1 meri shadi kab kab hogi. My DOB Day:-Monday Place:-Rourkela,Odisha. Guru ji mujhe aap se mere job k liye kuch jankari chahiye.

Pranam guruji, Jai siyaram Guruji I am eager to be in conversation with you but unable to connect with you so I am sending this through please mail. Hoping for good.. Mobile no. Sir,My self Neelam Pandey, I want to ask you one personal question aboutmyself, From last years , I am suffering from skin diseses I,eLeucoderma. I m continuously taking treatment from that time onward. Butstill, there is no improvement in my condition.

Infect it is spreading onto my whole body now. Please tell me what to do. DOB:- Namaste guru ji. Namaste sir, Mera 2nd beta Aman Srivastav JP cement company me job krta tha , lekin apne papa ki bimari k ilaz k liye usne job resign kr diya lasrmt year, lekin uske papa ki death ho gyi, pichle he saal, abhi bhi use dusri naukri nhi mili ha, air kab tak use naukri mil jayegi or Shadi kab tak hogi. Uski dob. Sir ab akele hone ke karan chinta lagi rahi ha. So please please reply jarur kijiyega. Yours follower.

Ranjana srivastava. Namaste Pawan sir, Sir last year mere papa ki death ho gyi.

Hum 3 bhai ha. Mummy apme bhut faith rakhti ha , aapka bhut vishwas krti ha. Apka har ek show b dekhti ha daily morning. Wo hum teeno bhaiyo k lye pareshan ha. Aapse baat krna chahti ha. Plz aapka koi contact number ya way of contact provide krawaye. Aapki bhut kripa hogi hum sab par. Please reply. Namaste Aman srivastav.

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Naste guru ji, I want to know for my mother. Her dob is 7 oct Place ludhianaunjab. Time is not known to me. She is in very critical stage. Dr removed her right breast in Then there were no symptoms of cancer. After one yr they remover her utreous. And now they are asking to remove her second breast. In the tests there is carcinoma grade 2 on left side. We all are very worried about her health. I love my mother very much. Guru ji it is a humble request toyou that plz suggest the right treatment we should go for.

We all will be very thank ful to u for this kind act. Thank u sir Plz reply as soon as possible. Guruji me abhi 12th pass ki hu aur microbiology me admission lena cahti hu par mere admission me bohot problem aa rhi hai…mere papa bhi bohot pareshani me hai, unke upar bohot karja hai aur job me bhi bohot problem hai…new job khoj rhe hai par jldi nhi mil rhi…guruji mere papa ka rashi ka nam nhi hai.. Namaste, guru ji aap ke bataye upaye bhot hi effective mai apka har show dekhti hu, badi umeed hai apke uapyo se.

Plz guru ji koi upaya bata dijeye jisse wah meri life m hamesha ke liye aa jaye nhi to mai jee nhi paungi. Plz me help me guru ji aap itne famous guru hai. Pandit Ji namaskar I have just passed class 12th by commerce stream ,so I want to ask you that which field should I choose in future. Name Raman DOB time 3. My Barthday 22may Rajasthan me indrawada My problem reading wick please smadhan kare. My Question: I am suffering from Stammering Haklana from the age of 8. How can I overcome from this problem. Kindly Tell me the upay. My Date of Birth is Namaskar Guru jii , Guru jii main apne vivah ke sandarbh mein apse jaan na chahta hu ki mera vivah kab or kis prakar hoga.

Love marriage hogi ya arrange marriage. Guru jii main kisi se prem vivah chahta huin. P Contact :— :— Sir, my name is Aniket and I m appearing for 12 boards this year. I just wanted to know about my future and carrier My dob is 13 June on Saturday pm at uttar Pradesh please guide me for my better future….

I am going through many problems in life related to job and health issues. Namastey pawan ji. I see your programme daily on tv. I want to know about my daughter. Pl help us she need your help. My date of birth is Guruji meri naukri Aur aage mai naukri karu ya business bataye. Devorce case chal raa hai. Sir, my date of birth is I am not aware about by birth time as I have lost my mother and father both. I think it is between am to am in morning. Contact No At P. B Barrackpur Army Hospital. Guruji namaskar Mera bhanja hua hai jiska date of birth hai time am please batayen name kya rakhen ya nam ka pahla word kya hoga.

I am kiran sampath penukonda , was born in Mysore City,Karnataka,was born at I had a bad acedemic track record and used to fail frequently in engineering but some how i completed my engineering I am suffering a lot from many years almost 20 years or so iam not able to perform well in my job and i am asked to leave all the organizations i work for. I am worried when i will get my new job i think so i have 2 more months in my current job before i loose it as my manager has asked me to look out for a job and i am very disturbed the same has been my problem throughout my work carrier.

Will i get a job in Dubai only as my wife is considerably well settled and she is a Obstetrician and Gynecologist working in sharjah else we will have to re locate back to india. We are not able to have a child as we are having an unconsummated marriage even after 6 years of marriage and we are worried as without a child who will take care of us.

Thanks and with best regards P. KIRAN kiranpsb gmail. Scince graduate. By using a treadmill, the entire part of the body is in constant motion or exercise. Medicine balls are practically designed to train the core. Many of these include selling fitness equipment, home gym equipment, gym bags, gym shorts, gym clothes, gym shoes, used gym equipment, and even gym lockers. Guruji pranam , my name is nisha dob- 4 Jan am Patna Bihar. Pls reply as we r facing financial crisis this year Kindly help. Please reply me. Namaskaar guru ji. My name is jyoti sharma and my son is laksh. I want to know his future.

He is in 9th. Pm I want to know his studies and future please guru ji tell me. Thank you very much. Ram ram guru jee. Meri wife ka naam sandhya DOB Time- Place -Buxar. Judicial ka exam 2 saal se prepair kar rahi hi par ho nahi raha please help me. Dob 12 03 Time 9 am. Namaskar guru ji,meri DOB 9 janauray h,time mrng 6 am,birh place sambhal h,guru ji me ye janna chahta hu ki meri govt job kab tak lag jayegi aur kis post par lagegi kya me koi officer ban sakta hu..

Will i have my own flat and car or not please guide me ………….. Please rell me about my future. I am facing financial problem since Please tell me about my future. I am suffring financial problem last 5 years. B h 18 Dec or time h pm or place h jagadhri haryana distt yamuna nagar mai btech kr rha hu bhut muskil ho rhi h pls guru g kch upaye btaye. Kindly , therefore , you are requested to review my details and suggest me remedies to benefited me and come out from depression.

My one and only adopted son is naughty and is not take interest to read. He always prays to Maa Saraswati with three agarbatti in the evening before to sitting for reading. But not take much interest to read. Time, 9. Thanking u. Reera mishra. Namashkar pawan ji I want to solve my some problms. So thats why I want to talk you. Please talk me once. Regards Neha. Send us mail to astrogurujihelpline gmail. Pawan sinha Free helpline astrogurujihelpline gmail.

Marin is company ka onar hai Capt. Vijay Pratap sing rahne wala Mau ka Gujarat she sab kam karta hai uska mobile no. Sir men ex servicemen hu. Namaskar, Please let me know about the married life of my nephew whose details are as under : Date of birth : , time : 01;50 hrs day time ; place : Moradabad U. Your early reply is solicited as I am very much concerned about him. Pandit ji namaskar , Mera dob Our marriage will be arranged but after my engagement I started conversation to this guy and I found he is not compatible for me. But no buddy is going to listen me. Please help me how do I stop this ceremony.

Please find my details Mare husband ka name-Soban Singh Rawat birth time Main apne husband ki professional life ke baare main janna chahti huin. Ek hi problem hain in financially bahut problem chal rahi hai last one year se one rs. Thanku u. Birth place:Delhi. Birth time Deepmala d. Sir namaskaar Mai mr Saif ko behadd pyaar krti hoon aur wo bhi krte the but kuchh mahino se wo na baat kar rahe aur na mulakat kr rahe h mai kya karu ki pahle jaisa hi wo mujhse pyaar kare meri feeling ko samjhe.

Dusri baat ye ki mera koi bhi kaam bnta ni h sare kaam bigad jate h plz mai kya karu. Sir parnam mere gher Meerut me h or mere gher me se apne aap rupey paisa or gold silver gayeb ho jata h. Hum sab member bhut paresan h hame nevaran batay mera name rohit rajput h or meri date of bhirth My dob.. My family going fix marriage with a guy and his name is sahil kumar Dob- 21 nov Time- pm Birth Place- machhiwara, ludhiyana I want to know that this guy have a good married life or not because this is his second marriage and meri shadi ki baat janha hoti hai kuch na kuch galat ho jata hai aur baat nhi banti hai.

My birth details are listed below Name — sanju gautam Birth — Place kanpur Dob — 07 may Please reply for further pooja or any thing else. Sir mery paas abhe koe job nahi hai or pahly bhe kafe sare job change kar chuke hu kahe bhe job sahe nahi chalte hai. Mera naam neeru hai aur Mera 2 baar misscarriage huya hain,featus main heartbeat nahi aati hain… bahut pareshaan hoon…kya koi dosh hain kundli main kripya jaldi reply karein.

Namaste, 1 Mera abhi 2 baar misscarriage huya hain,featus main heartbeat nahi aati hain… bahut pareshaan hoon…kya koi dosh hain kundli main kripya jaldi reply karein. Muje konsa business karna chahiye aur konsa ratn pahenna chahiye. Mera achha time kab sharu hoga. Aapko property bhade yani rent pr dekar rent se kamai karna acha rahega aisa kundali se pata lag raha h. Iam facing a problem in my carrier due to untimely break in my job every time. With whom so ever i do work he ditches me at i come again on Zero. Iam very hard working person and successfully did lot of projects given to me in my professional carrier in different companies i have worked.

Please help me. Surendranagar State : Gujarat. I want to know my future. Mera samay bahut kharab chal raha Ghar se bhi alag ho gaya thata noukri mein bhi dikkat aa rahi. Please bataye kab samay aacha hoga. Aug tula rashi ka est deo koun hain wo bhi batayega. Namskar pandit Ji Mera naam harpreet kaur hai. Plz hum dono me bare main bate.. Thanks a lot. Q1 hamare haatho pe lakiren kaise padte h. Q2 hum kaise sab kuch acha acha Kr sakte h. Q3 humare parent humme itna pyar karte h par aisa Ku hota h ki hum kisi aur k liye apne parent ko chod dete h.?

Q4 hum love marriage k chakkr mai Ku padte h? I have done Master but can not get job accordingly.


Please tell me about my future and career and when will go aboard. I how improve please tell me some solutions…. Guruji Namaste, mera janam Ram Ram guru ji Name-ajay maurya D. Hi guruji muje date of birth pata nhi h to kya hast rekha dekhkar bta sakte h,Varanasi u.

Guru ji, mujhe bataye ki mai kun sa kaam karun, real estate ka kaam karta hun aur ab business puri taraf khol raha hun. Dhan ka flow nahi hai bahut pareshan hun paise ko lekar, mere kaam bante nahi hai. Kahan par rahu abhi mai Lucknow mai rehta hun family ke saath. Papa, mummy, my wife, chota bhai his wife sab hain. Hi pandit ji my name avleen kaur did broth April timepm pleasecheck my horoscope my health allw not good what stone good for me I wearing pukhraj tell me what hand wearing pukhraj I wearing right hand index finger email me kultarjit hotmail. I want to know about job ; whether i ll get govt job?

And lots of problm in family n personal life. And pls tell what is my ishth? Pujya Guruji, Please guide me. B Time Guru ji main apne elder brother key bare main baat kerna chhahti hoon. Guru ji charan sparsh, Mera abhi 1 saal ka beta hai aur main dobara pregnat ho gayi hoon. Mere ko main may main ek achha bachhe ke janam ka mahurat bata dein.

Guru ji namaste I want to know about my problems how to solve my present problems what is my furure what efforts can i take to solve my hard days finicial problems Please reply as soon as possibal. He completed his B. Please tell me what should he do to make his future bright?? Hello sir…. Tak ho skti hai……. Guru ji ko mera pranam…….

Guruji mera date of birth h…mera birth place chhapra bihar h….. Mera birth ratri k 12 bje Tuesday ko hua h…. Guru ji mujhe apne life k baare me jaan na h…. Namskaar guruji mera naam ranjeet kaur hai dob hai hai place hai haridwar or timing hai saam ke guruji second marrige karna cahti hu mai kisi ko pasand karti hu unka naam sushir tanwar hai dob hai unka palwal ka born hai hariyana ka wo bhi mujhe pasand karte hai other cast hai mujhe koi avha sa saral upay batay jisse meri sadi sudhir se ho jaye or unki family bhi mujhe apna le pl mai bahot paresaan hu apna ghar basana cahti hu.

Maharashtra state. Kya court matter se chutkara mil sakta hai kya. Meri id hai srsrana26 gmail. Muje apke rply ka wait rhega, pranam guru ji. Respected Pawanji, Pl. I am giving my birth details:- D. I am struggling since past 25 years, did business in partnership 3 times but got losses. Waise to aap akale hi business kare to acha h. Pr age adhik hone se active partner rakhna ho to aap mobile ya video conf se us se baat kare. Physicaly Km se km mile to thoda ho sakta h. Mera naam Nidhi hai D. B feb time : AM, Place of birth : Motihari main ek software company mein kaam karti hoon as a software engineer.

Recently i am residing at chennai. Check my kundli and mujay koi aasay upay batya ki marri sarri problem thek Ho Jay may kaffi time say parshan chal rah hu businesss bhi thek nahi chal raha. Hi if u want to solve ur prbs then plz mail me ur contect no… i can solve ur whole prbs… m also an astrologer. B is Please Guru ji tell me. Guruji me apni life me bhut pareshan chal rahi hu. Infact, day by day I am feeling like I am going to depression.

Mera 1 relationship tha usme bhi bht problems ho rahi hai. Infact hum dono 1 dusare se baat bhi nhi kar rahe hai. My family is searching for my marriage. I want to marry to that person. Adarnia guru ji pranam mujhe Navratri ke dino me pade jane wale durga saptsati padane ki vidhi ke bare batane ki kripa kare konsa adhya kese pade karan c.

Hamn uski shadi ko kundli milan kar ke ki va ye ummid karte the ke uska gussa kuch cum hoga. Uski apni maa ke saath bolchal bhi kband hai jabki vah hamari ikloti santan hai. Meri patni ki date of birth time k3. Meri date of birth Kirpa karke sahi marg darshan karen me uske liya aapka ati aabhari rahunga. Pranaam Pandit Ji, My date of birth is 7th january, Date birth january Time P. I request you madam , I am tell me jobs and my family further please tell me.

Pisces Horoscope In Hindi

My birth details is I am akanksha kaushik, my date of birth is 8 november , time- pm night , place- sikandrabad. District- Bulandshahar UP. Every time something wrong happens. Qus- meri sadi kab hogi mere near way place se kitni duri per hogi meri kundli kisi se bhi nahi mil rahi hai is liye ghar ke sabhi log paresan hai sadi ko le kar. Presently i m in Indore doing Pvt Job. Pls guide.. Thank you … Pranam…. M place khanna, punjab distt. Kye achha sa Upaye bataye pl ….

Koyee achha sa Upaye bataye pl …. Taki aage ki Life Achhi ho Jaye ….. Namaste sir ji actually mera date of birth… h n time morning 5. Aapki kundali me bahut kharab yog. Bana h. Muslim ladke se vivah k prabal yog bane hue h.