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Listen carefully and use your imagination to really feel into what someone close to you is going through. If you can get to the heart of it, and show them that you get it, the relationship could be ready to go to the next level. The things you repeat on a day to day basis become who you are.

This includes your thoughts, but also the emotions you choose to focus on—and those you choose to repress. Sometimes simply acknowledging that something difficult is there, is enough to let it go its own way. By turning away and refusing to see it, it gains a kind of secret control, because you then have to turn away from it over and over again.

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Someone at home, or perhaps even from your ancestral past, needs to know that you really get how they feel. If you can slow down, look, listen, and learn more—this will be easier than you imagine. You may find a deep well of strength where you thought to find a swamp. Allowing others to be your inspiration for once is good for everybody. Your detail-focused nature can sometimes take for granted the depth of understanding that is necessary for people to see why the particular details you are focused on are so important.

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Taking the time to spell out for them the emotional ramifications of failing to pay attention to this or that detail will help them understand. In this way, rather than fussing over details, you are seen to be the deeply caring community member that you really are. By getting to the very heart of something or understanding the fundamental concepts, you can discover new resources that are waiting to be exploited.

These resources may not be tangible things, but rather intangible things like passion, idealism, and faith.

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Allow these new resources to flow through you and soon enough you will be mastering new skills and attaining new levels of public visibility. You are being purified and refined and this involves separating the subtle magical part of something from the gross impurities.

Looking back to these years may provide important clues about the processes going on now and the possibilities for important catalysts which set in motion long term transformations. It would be great if you could take a break from your usual outgoing nature and really make time and space to look within. Even if you cannot take a literal retreat at this time, you can nevertheless become quieter and more still within your normal routines and watch for what happens in the spaces this creates.

You have a chance to distill something very complex down to its most basic essence and turn this into a symbol, like a brand logo, which has the power to grow and spread like a seed.

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It would be tempting to focus on work right now and in particular productivity. By focusing on and refining the various relationships between members in a group, you can clarify the group consciousness and this will naturally lead to more productivity. Pay attention, because in the spring you can translate this process to the relationships between various groups.

If you can boil your message down to its simplest terms—a single sentence, word, or image—then you have a chance to make great strides in your career and public reputation. This serves the same purpose as a magical sigil, that is, it is like a seed. By repeating this purified form of your message over and over in different settings, you are disseminating seeds upon the fields of consciousness.

Watch for results in the spring, like the harvesting of winter wheat. You are entering into the third stage of transformation known as the rubedo, where you finally begin to see concrete results. You re-defined yourself earlier this spring and took some risks with this new identity over the summer. Scan the horizon for new lands within which you may find strange and beautiful people and customs. Allowing these into your heart will keep the cycle of change going, and you will find a still newer you to greet in the spring.

We begin the week with our communication planet, Mercury, shifting into Pisces. This is a time for recharging your emotional and physical batteries. The moon moves into cancer on Friday morning, creating an air of vulnerability. Innovator Uranus conjuncts action planet Mars from Monday until Thursday, forming the right atmosphere for everyone to achieve their most ambitious goals.

Mars enters Taurus on Valentine's Day, slowing down our actions and focusing on building stability.

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