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I envy the Indians for secularism in practice and not just in words. Here in my country conversion from majority religion to minority faith is a question of life and death. Would a A. R Rehman born in pakistan been allowed to convert and become a Hindu and continue in his profession. Apparently Pakistanis are quite unaware of South India and the prevailing social conditions there. It is one of the most tolerant regions in South Asia in regards to religions.

Thankfully the region I never got saddled with the partition politics in contrast to the Punjab and North India region vis a vis Pakistan. Is anyone allowed to convert outside Islam in muslim-majority countries like Pakistan. Stop Hipocricy. He is borne in a orthodox Brahmin family. Incidentally his name looks like a Muslim one. His elder brother is Chari Hasan. He is an atheist. What's to say. Hinduism always had turncoats over time - witness Pakistan. ARR - yet another turncoat but not converted by force - only difference.

He is very much atheist. Any ways I just loved this article because I love AR Rehman. All his fans wanted to know about how he changed his religion. Thank you Dawn for publishing this article. Do you people one thing, Rahman's Hindu spiritual songs are really best one Ask some one to name top five film actors heroes at present , at least three names are of Muslims film stars.

Even in dalip kumar was number one amongst then trio along with raj kapur and dev anand. Mohammed rafi, Naushad, sahir ludhianavi, nargis and suraiya did not find their religion an obstacle in becoming heart throb of all indians. Kamal Hassan is a born hindu and he is still a Hindu. G Qureshi just think once.

A hindu family allowed their son to follow a peer and allowed him to convert if he wants to. That proves all. Javed Akhtar lives in one of the best place in Mumbai, get your facts check. Most welcome to visit me whenever you are in India and I will take you personally to visit Javed saheb. And most muslims do not get rent in places dominated by vegetarians who do not even allow non vegetarian Hindus purely because they cannot tolerate the smell of meat being cooked. This fact is somehow never ever published in the leftist columns who readily cry racism.

For Godhra we are ashamed. But if you want to gloat over it look at the death toll of muslims by muslims in your country just this past one year. He was trained in Carnatic music which is steeped in Bhakti and Vedanta. His father was a devout Hindu but his mother was a Muslim who returned to her native faith after the demise of the father. She converted her son as well. It's a personal choice of the family. But, this is acceptable only in a Hindu majority country where we respect alien faiths.

Sammy their are cases which are going against the conversion and investigation if the conversion was forcefull Will pakistan do any kind of investigation if some hindu will be converted to muslim in pakistan? Its just they wanted to switch so they switched And why only conversion from hindu to muslim should be allowed? Why so much fuzz when muslim is converted to any other religion on its own wish All people should have the right and freedom to adopt a religion you like and are comfortable with, what is the point of a spirituality when you are forced into religion by cohesion or by desire to have economic incentive.

Riaz: Check the facts before speaking. Number of Minorities in India are increasing, while decreasing in Pakistan. Desi This is not true. So why twist the meaning of their names? I have always loved sufism. Only way why islam was spread in Indian subcontinent due to soft nature of sufism islam. Nusrat sahab, Rahat fateh ji, Abida parveen ji and endless talented artists. My heart cry for those who are forced to pursue something different from what actual Islam is. Pardon my English.

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He is a Hindu officially. But he is another example of broad minded Hindu thinking. Kamal Hassan's father was a freedom fighter who stood for religious unity. Kamal's Father, named him in honor of a Muslim prison mate and friend of his Hassan , when Kamal Hassan's father was imprisoned by the British for fighting for freedom. Vishnu Mahant You are right.

But ask the RSS and Hindutva folks who are promoting "ghar wapsi" and threatening to convert people from other religions to Hinduism. Coercion does not have to be by sword alone. Irshad Khan Canada. Well said. All religions teach us to be "humble, honest, caring, forgiving and decent"; but this message gets lost somehow. That is the crux of our problem. Ghaznavi This is cherry picking.

Think objectively and with sensibility. What if some one were to cherry pick from your history?

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Something to think about, eh? Name Dilip kumar might have been given to him by bollywood directors to have a nativity touch. He didnt renounce Islam either. There is a column for personal name change in indian newspaper such as indian express where in many people who had changed their religion would have placed advertisement announcing their change of religion and their new name. You could see yourself if the conversions are one sided are both ways.

ARR is one of the peoples I admire most. Facebook Count. Twitter Share. How has Sufism affected your attitude to life? Did the peer ask you to embrace Islam? No one around us really cared — we were musicians and that allowed us greater social freedom… The important thing for me is that I learned about equality and the oneness of God.

Karthik Jan 16, pm. Recommend 0. Pravin Jan 16, pm. Amin Ansari Jan 16, pm. God bless you and your family. Fawad Jan 16, pm. KN Jan 16, pm. EHM Jan 16, pm. Pravin: We know it and we also listen to his music mate :. Futurewizard Jan 16, pm. Abdul kadir Jan 16, pm. Bipul Jan 16, pm. Noddy Jan 16, pm. Amin ANsari- Thank you and God bless you all as well.

Kabeer Das Jan 16, pm. Abdul kadir Proud human! Sufi elevate spiritually. Sunil Jan 16, pm. He converted on his own, and progressed to international stature. Seems good G Qureshi Jan 16, pm. Congratulations MR Rahman. Nitin Jan 16, pm. Umesh Jan 16, pm. Vishnu Mahant Jan 16, pm. Irshad Khan Canada Jan 16, pm. Hrushi NYC Jan 16, pm. Riaz Jan 16, pm.

Karthik Great; he did at his free will. Asgher Ali Jan 16, pm. Irshad Khan Canada which he is. Tejas Jan 16, pm. Karthik: Truly Said Karthik! Beauty of Hindu religion. Great man he is Inqelab Zindabad Jan 16, pm. Love you Rahman, love you my India. Hindu Indian Jan 16, pm. Reading all the comments one feels worst of enemies will be one day best friends. AXH Jan 16, pm.

Fazal Karim Jan 16, pm. I wish we had learnt lesson in Masood Khan Jan 16, pm. An amazing and talented person with an amazing family. Wish you and your family all the best. The news as well as the comments show commendable maturity and spread humanism. Ram Jan 16, pm. Dilliwala Jan 16, pm. Riaz There is no forced conversion, the law does not permit it. Umer Salahuddin Jan 16, pm.

All guidance comes from Allah.

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Ghaznavi Jan 16, pm. Outsider Jan 17, am. Hrushi NYC Jan 17, am. Azra Jan 17, am. Prashant Kumar Jan 17, am. N Jan 17, am. Sammy Jan 17, am. EE Arulraj Jan 17, am. Krishna Prasad - Very well said. Truly moved, respect to you. Piyush Jan 17, am. Ram Jan 17, am. No one should hate anyone or a country in life. Harmony Jan 17, am. Ramana Jan 17, am. Pankaj Pathak Jan 17, am. At no place , he mentioned he accepted Islam.

He used the word "Sufism". Hakim Jan 17, am. Mansoor Jan 17, am. Outsider or get basis civil right, freedom to follow their religion and customs. Manjeet kocchar Jan 17, am. Guru Jan 17, am. Arun Jan 17, am. Only in India can this happen. Bloggervat Jan 17, am. Thats the dfference between secularis in india and any other place on earth Amir Indian Jan 17, am. Fawad very well said. Noddy he never visited Pakistan, he won 2 Oscars for Slum dog Millionaire film.


Azra well said. That should answer everything. Random Indian Jan 17, am. Trivia Jan 17, am. Rafiq Ali Jan 17, am. People should be free to chose their faith.

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Shaukat Jan 17, am. Indian Jan 17, am. Manish Jan 17, am. Malik Jan 17, am. Casper Smart Jan 17, am. He is originally from Sri Lanka :. This is sufism which is not bound by any religion. Mustafa Jan 17, am. Prashant Kumar; " But I fail to understand why you have to change name from Indian language name to Arabic or Persian? Desi Jan 17, am. Srinivasan Krishnaswamy Jan 17, am. Masood ali Jan 17, am. We should learn and change respect. Very interesting and human story of a great human being- Rab rakhe great man as you are.

He should visit Pakistan play his music. Kind-hearted Jan 17, am. Kind soul and a wonderful human being. Ghaznavi : Gujarat riots are despicable Hamed Quraishi Jan 17, am. He is a real Muslim and Hindu put together! Shazad Jan 17, am. We are proud on you!!!! Asim Jan 17, pm. Is Sufism is Islam? Taha Jan 17, pm. Kaly Jan 17, pm. Noora Jan 17, pm. Truth Jan 17, pm. MV Jan 17, pm. Arindam Mukherjee Jan 17, pm. Ajay Ladkani Jan 17, pm. Haque Khan Jan 17, pm. Charu Jan 17, pm. Shaukat : Look beyond the propaganda and closer to home.

Gfellow Jan 17, pm. Abhishek Jan 17, pm. Indian Cricket Jan 17, pm. Dr rme Riyadh saudi Arab Jan 18, am. Babu Jan 18, am. And yes, it can only happen in India. Ali Jan 18, am. Sridhar Jan 18, am. Haroon Rooha Jan 18, am. Sasi Jan 18, am.

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One answer of his sums it all about secular india. A- No one around us really cared — we were musicians and that allowed us greater social freedom… This is what matters in India - talent, hard work, peace and success. Hands on hearts,what would be his fate in Pakistan? Mr Universe Jan 18, am. Bin Adam Jan 18, am.

MA Jan 18, am. Tejas It happens anywhere. Aamchi Mumbai Jan 18, am. Riaz Look at your own backyard before telling us anything. OM Jan 18, pm. Letsthink Jan 18, pm. Rahman should spread his music and art in Pak for its betterment. DK Jan 18, pm. ToThePoint Jan 19, am. Abdul kadir before that proud indian proud human being.

Riaz might they are copying you ". Raja Ranjit Singh Jan 19, am. Sufism follows neither Hindu Nor Islam. It follows just the instinct to reach the Almighty. Arun Jan 19, am. Jayadevan Jan 19, am. Keshavan Jan 19, am. Sufism indeed is a ray of light in Islam. MKB Jan 19, am. Abdul kadir I am a proud Indian and Hinduism is the greatest religion on earth. Hammad PK Jan 19, am. Parvez Jan 19, am.

Bipul you are correct Bipul. Anil Nair Jan 19, am. The only problem has been the Sri Lanka Tamil problem. Parvez if only there are more people like you. Rohit Jan 19, pm. Nram Jan 19, pm. Subramanian Jan 19, pm. Jehan Mir, MD Jan 20, am. You cannot go wrong in accepting Sufi Islam. Pramod Jan 20, am. Sid Jan 20, am. JR Jan 20, am. Ram Jan 20, am. Bipul Why do you have to write such vile? Just to start a fight. Truth Jan 20, am. M Khan Jan 20, am. Vasan Jan 20, am. AR Rahman is true Muslim.

Indians make Islam proud! Sanjay Jan 20, pm. What's in a name? Hassan K Jan 21, am. Alibababa Jan 21, am. Tulsi Jan 21, am. Subir Jan 21, am. Abdul Malik Jan 21, pm. I never new this and I'm an Indian. Suresh Jan 21, pm. BK Jan 21, pm. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Jan 16, pm. Amin Ansari. Abdul kadir. Kabeer Das. G Qureshi. Vishnu Mahant. Hrushi NYC. Asgher Ali. Inqelab Zindabad.

Hindu Indian. Fazal Karim. Masood Khan. Umer Salahuddin. Jan 17, am. Prashant Kumar. EE Arulraj. Pankaj Pathak. Manjeet kocchar. Amir Indian. Random Indian. Rafiq Ali. Casper Smart. Srinivasan Krishnaswamy. Masood ali. Hamed Quraishi. Jan 17, pm. Arindam Mukherjee. Ajay Ladkani. Haque Khan. Indian Cricket. Dr rme Riyadh saudi Arab. Jan 18, am. Haroon Rooha. Mr Universe. Bin Adam. Aamchi Mumbai. Jan 18, pm. Jan 19, am. Raja Ranjit Singh.

Hammad PK. Anil Nair. Jan 19, pm. Jan 20, am. Jehan Mir, MD. M Khan. Jan 20, pm. Hassan K. Jan 21, am. Jan 21, pm. Abdul Malik. Latest stories. Significant improvements in fight against money laundering, terror financing. Afghan president fires foreign ministry spokesman over comments on Pakistan's talks with Taliban: media. Fawad again locks horns with Ruet-i-Hilal Committee. Entering into this field needs guidance of proper guru and its a mystic area. So it cant be done by everyone.

Instead, they can recite ashtottharam of particular devata and expect some relief. High B. P, heart patients, people with weak or badly placed SUN in their charts may get some relief through her. Offering red hibiscus flowers and reciting her mantra or ashtottharam is said to be beneficial for those in above fields. Bhuvanewari Devi : She controls mind and its activities like moon in horoscope.

For peace of mind, sound sleep, good friends, undisputed matrimony she is worshipped. She is said to give relief from lack of concentration, frequent diversions of mind, cold, cough, asthma, mental diseases, bad dreams, wet dreams, sleep walking, hysteria, sexual perversions, effects of mohini, yakshini etc. She can control bad effects of South-West and North-West corners in vaasthu. People born with weak moon, afflicted moon with rahu, ketu, saturn or sun should worship her.

Wearing white clothes, in the morning, on ashtami, navami, chaturdasi and fullmoon days, she should be prayed. People related to police, military, security systems, intelligence agencies, spy networks, body builders, wrestler, boxers, lawyers, judges, naxalites, terrorists etc are under her control. Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex!

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one! Shodasi or Tripura Sundari : She is related to mercury planet and this is tantric form. In normal method, she is worshipped as Lalitha. She is picturised as 16 shODaSa year old girl in tantric scripts. She controls all effects, houses, nakshatras of mercury. In human body, her effect is on thyroid gland thats why people with badly placed mercury suffer from thyroid disorders.

Fields like Astrology, accounts, dance, music, love, sex, mathematics, electronics, telecommunications, mobile phones, internet, journalism, printing and publishing, book writing, tourism, research and development, stationary, paper mills, Doctors etc are under her control. She is also treated as Rajarajeswari Devi. Worshipping her wearing white clothes during sunrise time, with red hibiscus flowers and making any sweet dish with rice is beneficiery for those who work in above fields and for those with mercury conjuct moon, saturn, rahu or ketu. Tara : She control planet jupiter and its effects on earth.

She is also known as TaariNi , which means one who makes you overcome. The scissors relate to her ability to cut off all attachments. The Buddhist tradition stresses these qualities of this Goddess, and she is worshipped in Tibet as an important embodiment of compassion. Kamala or Lakshmi : She controls planets venus and its effects. In modern world, all comforts and luxuries in human life are under her control. Progress in fields like modelling, fashion designing, television, theatre, cinema, computer software etc is possible only through her blessings.

Gynecologists, beauticians, jewellers, fast foods, air conditioners, painters, fine arts, music and video systems, televisions, cinem theatres, sanitary, flooring tiles, carpets, food processing, cosmetics, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, interior decors, architects etc need to worship her on fridays with lotus flowers or white hibiscus flowers or lillies. They should also offer pomegranate fruit. People suffering with low sperm count, defective fellopian tubes, infected womb, financial crisis, sexual diseases or defects, menstrual problems and people with venus conjunct mars, rahu, saturn or ketu, venus placed in cancer, leo or virgo signs should worship her.

Always place a lakshmi devi photo or idol with sitting posture never standing.

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Kaali : She is known as dakshiNa KaaLikaa in tantra. She controls effects of planet Saturn. She is considered as easiest to please among dasa mahavidyas, but in reality its the opposite. She makes us face effects of past life karma forcefully. All chronic diseases, and extremities in life are through her. Lord Krishna is considered as her energy in male human form on earth, who provoked, planned and executed the mahabharat war to kill millions and reduce population on earth. Even mass killings, world wars, natural calamities, uncurable diseases are due to this force. She controls fields like pathology, mortuaries, quarries, coal mines, oil wells, oil extracted from plants and seeds, iron ore, steel, cement, manganese and other minerals from earth, bones and nerves in human body, leatherware etc.

If saturn is placed in leo, aries, scorpio or if it is afflicted by rahu, ketum mars or sun, one needs to worship Kaali. But methods are not simpler. Best method is to donate food, money, clothes etc on saturdays to physically handicapped and practice being sincere ,honest and punctual. Chinnamasta Devi : one who cuts off her own head She rules planet Rahu and its effects and is considered as goddess parvati herself, who chopped her head to satisfy her attendants. Tantrics believe that she is born as Renuka Devi, whose head was chopped by her son, Parasurama. She is also called as Chandi.