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There are fragments in Hebrew astrology that are unlike the Hellenistic astrology that was emerging at the same time. The emphasis of Light and Dark recalls the Zoroastrian religion and the impact of Persian astrology. This omen-like material of reading bodily characteristics as personality or morality traits seems to have also been influenced by the Persian astrology.

This is the account of dynastic history in terms of cyclical periods of varying lengths of time governed by the stars and planets. However despite hostility by the Parthians, Greek sciences, arts and philosophy remained and with the coming of Sassanian rulers they reached a new peak and advances were made in the field. The Sassanian Empire of Persia , with its state religion of Zoroastrianism, saw itself as heir to the legendary Achaemenid dynasty and their civilization, and developed an ideology and culture to reflect and promote this image.

An imposing succession of Sassanian emperors actively engaged in collecting, recording and editing the historical and religious record of their civilization and the neighboring countries.

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Destruction of Persia by Alexander dispersed the texts throughout the world. The Greeks, the Egyptians derived all their knowledge and science from these dispersed texts. Subsequently Sassanian emperors took it upon themselves to collect all these texts from all over". The sources name, Byzantium, India and China as the main centers where book collecting was taking place.

Such activities reached their peak at the time of Khosro I Anoshirvan, Greek Philosophers, Syriac speaking Christians and Nestorians fleeing persecution by the Byzantines Orthodox Christians of Constantinople were received by Anoshirvan and were commissioned to translate Greek and Syriac texts into Pahlavi. Paul the Persian dedicated Works of logic to the king. Dinkard itself shows familiarity with all these topics, especially Aristotelian physics. Indian scientific material in astronomy, astrology, mathematics and medicine were also translated into Pahlavi.

The Book of Nativities Kitab al-Mawalid was a five part astronomical work that was translated from Pahlavi into Arabic in Astrological history was important to Sassanian Imperial ideology.

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The stars decreed the fate of the mortals and the kings expected to receive special protection. Shahnameh is full of stories where the fate of the heroes is sealed in the astronomical charts read at the time of their birth. Ptolemy and Greek astronomy was very well known in Iran. To what extent astronomy was separated from astrology is not clear and very likely astrology would have dominated the field. The Muslim Arabs destroyed almost all of the literature of the Zoroastrian Sassanian including their astrological works. However there are some clues as to what their astrology might have been.

Most of the greatest astrologers in the Islamic era were Persians! The astrology Iranians taught is quite different from both the Hindu and the Greek traditions. It had orbs of aspect, the Great Cycles of Jupiter and Saturn, all of the elaborate systems of planetary interactions such as Frustration, Abscission of Light, Translation of Light and so forth. While Muslim era astrology owes a large debt to Hellenistic astrology, it is also clear that in the two or three centuries between the last known Hellenistic astrologers and the first known Muslim ones, something new had come into the field.

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This was very likely the Persian stream of astrology. Indian scientific material in astronomy, astrology, mathematics and medicine were translated into Pahlavi along with Chinese Herbal medicine and religion. The books were kept at the university and the royal libraries and Greek sciences flourished. The Arab conquest in 7th century introduced many changes. The destruction of major cities, libraries, and eventual closure of universities in Alexandria, Antioch and Persia in the long run stalled development of science and technology except for the first years.

The destruction of such major centers of learning with the compulsory use of Arabic made it clear to the scholars and intellectuals that all pre-Islamic knowledge and national identities were in danger of total obliteration and they had to be preserved. Massive and heroic efforts were made to save the ancient knowledge.

The result was the formation of a dynamic and significant translation movement for almost two hundred years till 10th century. This is the period that is known as the Golden age of Islam. Pre-Abbasid translations from Pahlavi included major religious, literary and historical texts. With the Abbasid the translation of scientific texts was added. Nawbakht the court astrologer and his son Abu Sahl and other colleagues Fazari and Umar Tabari and many others sponsored by the Barmakid family the chief ministers to the early Abbasids who were murdered later translated and promoted Pahlavi texts into Arabic and Neo-Persian.

They were all Iranians and aimed to incorporate Sassanian culture into Abbasid ideology and guarantee the continuity of the Iranian heritage. Christian and Jewish learned families of Sassanian Persia such as Bukhtishu and Hunyan families were also great translators of Syriac Greek Pahlavi and other texts into Arabic. Both families had served at Jundishapur University for generations and were instrumental in founding the Adudi Hospital and Medical School in Baghdad.

Baghdad a suburb of Ctesiphon was chosen as the site of the New Abbasid capital Baghdad is Persian and means God given, it was founded in by Mansur. The Royal library was based on the Sassanian model and was called the same name house of knowledge, Bayt al-Hikmat. The famed Iranian mathematician and astronomer Musa Khawrazmi was employed full time by the library at this time.

Ibn-an-Nadim, the author of Al-fihrist the index , one of the most famous associates of the library listed all the books and their origins in his famous index. A great part of the index has survived and is a valuable source of information. She was a well-known professor of philosophy, mathematics and astronomy at Alexandria. Some sources mention that Caliph Mamun acquired Almagest in a peace treaty with the Byzantine emperor.

Once translated into Arabic it influenced Islamic and Western cosmology, astronomy and astrology for centuries to come. Muslims had great interest in astronomy in order to find the direction to Mecca for praying. While latitude north-south location is easy to find, longitude east-west location requires accurate time. Without accurate portable clocks, longitude can only be found by sighting a star in two different places at the same time. A lunar eclipse gives astronomers in two places a natural way of adjusting their clocks to the same time.

The great Iranian scientist and mathematician Khawrazmi was the first to publish astronomical tables to address the quest. In fact most of the major scientists of the era were non-Arabs and mostly Iranians and though they traveled extensively in the Muslim world many carried out their research in Iranian territories.

His book of tables introduced the Indian system of decimal numbers to the west. The tables were laborsaving devices for astronomical calculations. He also improved astrolabe Ostorlab , Ptolemy had used the device for observing and computing but its use was limited before it was improved.

Major observatories were built in Persian territories such as Maragheh and Samarkand over the centuries. His catalogue gave the positions of 1, stars by magnitude, or brightness.

The l0th-century astronomer Al Sufi Azophil heavily revised the book. His works were translated into Latin in the twelve century and exerted a powerful influence on the development of Western Astrology. A student of al-Kindi Latin Alkindi his works represent a fusion of Sabian, Hermeticism, Persian chronology and Islamic religious doctrine plus Greek science and Mesopotamian astrology. He was an extremely successful practitioner of the Art of astrology and traveled throughout the area in service to numerous Indian, Persian, Arab, and Egyptian heads of states.

Biruni was another Brilliant Iranian scientist who has made great contributions to sciences in general and mathematics and astronomy in particular. Born in Khawrazm ruled by Iranian Samanids by AD, at age 17 he computed the latitude of his city Kath by observing the maximum altitude of the sun and shortly afterwards produced his Cartography, a work on map projections. In Gilan near Caspian area he observed a major eclipse in and by comparing his results with another astronomer in Baghdad was able to calculate the difference in longitude between the cities.

The Chronology refers to seven earlier works which he had written: one on the decimal system, one on the astrolabe, one on astronomical observations, three on astrology, and two on history. He also produced major astronomical works for the Ghaznavid ruler, Sultan Mahmoud. He describes literature, religion and philosophy of India, its caste system and marriage customs.

He then studies the Indian systems of writing and numbers before going on to examine the geography of the country. He studied Indian literature in the original, translating several Sanskrit texts into Arabic. He also wrote several treatises devoted to Indian astronomy, mathematics, geography and grammar. He shows no prejudice against different religions or sects and very strongly criticized the Arab conquers for destroying the ancient books and texts at the libraries in the cities.

Then you picked it up and read it. The comic was a parable that answered your question. Often you had to look mighty hard to find your answer. But if you looked hard enough, it was always there. I've described my practice of bazookamancy to two of my astrologer friends. Each of them lit up and say, "You've got it! Any reading or fluke or chance — any metaphor looking for its referent — will serve your uncle in Cincinnati just as well. Read the full article in the August issue.

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You Know, many Egyptians believe that Astronomy and Astrology are the same, and also believe that the Astrology is science and they rely on its predictions. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Its start point is 0 deg tropical Aries: where the Sun is on the first day of Spring. No membership needed. Astrology on the Web discusses the Fixed Stars and their traditional meanings. The Star Spics is affecting your Fate, Spica is considered the most auspicious star in the sky! Virgo is one of the 12 zodiac constellations, first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The right ascension of the star Spica in the Virgo constellation is 13 hours and 25 minutes and the declination is We begin the month with Venus traveling through the sign of Libra — one of the signs that she rules.

Venus conjoins Arcturus and Spica during her retrograde and upon stationing direct. Arcturus is one of the 15 Behenian Fixed Stars. She has won costume awards. Though a large constellation, Virgo, the Virgin, does not have much of any prominent stellar pattern, relying on Spica to tell us where it is.

As was generally the case in ancient astrology the principle star characterised the entire constellation, which was known to the Egyptians as the 'most dedicated wife'. Hi everyone, I've been reading the fixed star Spica brings good luck when in conjunction with planets in the natal chart.

Further east over the southern horizon Scorpius the Scorpion is rising and just out of reach of its pincers is the planet Algol in Horary Astrology Theory and Practice. The Astrology Lodge. Definition of Spica in the Definitions. While Spica is sweet and innocent, Arcturus is more apt at dealing with the darker aspects of life on earth.

It is located in the sheaf of wheat held by Virgo. Fixed star Spica is of the nature of Venus and Mars. There are many chapters written in astrology books about fixed stars. Spica is 2. We each have our own journey through this lifetime, and insights gleaned from astrology can provide a unique view of that pathway with its opportunities, challenges, twists, turns, peaks and valleys. Spica--productive and creative, associated with honors, fame, and good fortune as well as social success and achievement in the arts and sciences.

Both are stars linked to success, with Spica having throughout the ages been known as a star of protection. The star is the brightest star of the Virgo constellation and the 15th brightest star overall in the night sky. It contains Spica, one of the brightest stars in the night sky. The angularity: similarly to planets, the power of a star posited near an angle is highly strengthened.

Its image is a bird, or a man laden with merchandise. Since Spica is the star of the nature of Mercury and Venus, it pointed out to me the purpose of my astrology work visually i.


Astrology vs. Astronomy: What's the Difference?

Recommended: New Moon in Libra. My daughter and son are basically the stars of the family. Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation Bootes.

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A Royal Star. The point directly opposite to Chitra is 0 Aries, the beginning of the sidereal zodiac. With an apparent magnitude of 0. So, Western Astrology uses the tropical zodiac. Spica Star Astrology. Apr 9, Arcturus has a relationship with the bright star, Spica nearby. Astrology: spica the royal behenian kabbalistic star - download this royalty free Vector in seconds. This star is also called Alpha Virginis, as it is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo the maiden. Spica Starseeds, are very rare starseeds.

Sidereal astrology since it is based more on our actions as individuals, it is therefore a karmic type of astrology, since karma by definition is the result positive or negative of our actions. Its absolute magnitude is Sidereal zodiac is tied to a fixed star Spica that is considered to be the exact opposition of the beginning of Aries.

It is a bluish star; spectroscopic examination reveals Spica to be a binary with a four-day period, its two components being Spica.

Introduction to Astronomy

It was always a pleasure though. A fixed star in a Spica shows up conjunct the The first step in making the Spica talisman is to select a date and time when the Moon is either applying to a conjunction, sextile or trine of Spica, located at 23 Libra Spica in Virgo : "A double star in the wheat sheaf of Virgo, often referred to as "The Lucky One," associated with courage, fame, honor and lasting wealth, exceptional talent, skill or ability, especially beneficial for scientists, writers, artists, sculptors, and musicians, special passion for personal rights.

Social Club. Astronomers regard Spica as the standard example of a first magnitude star, due to its measured visual magnitude of exactly one. Nakshatra or Stars in Astrology. It gives riches, honors, high renown, self-determination and prosperity by navigation and voyages.

The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world. Spica is the brightest star in Virgo and the 15th brightest star in the sky. An Egyptian Coptic title was Khoritos, 'Solitary', on account of Spica being such a notably brilliant star in an otherwise poorly lit area of the sky. This talisman was made for improving business and increasing profit due to the benefic fixed star Spica.

Spica looks like one star but it's really two stars that form an eclipsing binary system. SPICA has perfect aesthetic perception and accurate intuition. Spica is a binary star, which means it is really two stars larger and hotter than the sun, together they look like a single point of blue light, even when looking through an average telescope. Sections of this page. Venus in Libra on Arcturus and Spica. Jan 3, Photo: weheartit.