Horoscopes love match between leo and leo

Who better than another charismatic Leo to make a Leo's romantic life the envy of everyone? When two Leos fall in love , you have double the romantic passion, excitement, and fun, but also double the stubbornness, ego, pride, and vanity.

Leo Sexual Compatibility: Selfish and Enthusiastic in Bed

Leos are regal and magnetic individuals and when two Leos meet, there is a familiarity and an irresistible infatuation. Each is drawn to the other not only by their physical attraction to one another but also because they display the same positive character traits. Leos are charismatic, optimistic, fun, friendly, playful, spontaneous, and affectionate individuals who are attractive to the opposite sex, and love on a grand scale.

Leo & Leo: Love Compatibility

Though two Leos can have the grandest romance that's the envy of other couples, there will be disagreements. And when they fight which they will , just like their romance, it will be done on a grand scale. Interestingly, it's the same positive traits that attract two Leos to one another that are likely to morph into something less desirable. This, of course, can spell double trouble for this couple and lead to ugly standoffs.

If Leo lovers are psychologically and emotionally mature, these problems might only be minor quirks that can be modified or accepted. Leo couples are mirrors for one another. The electricity is palpable. Too full of themselves!

Pisces and Leo Relationship Compatibility (A Love Match Made in Heaven)

Too over powering! Magnificent creatures who almost require their own fanfare when entering a room. They admire prestige and success and often have stellar careers where public speaking is required — think CEOs, Lawyers, Motivational Gurus. They do like the best of everything — cars, houses, fashion and holidays — a good accountant required to teach restraint.


Generous to a tee Lions love showering friends and family with gifts or planning surprise parties and flash mobs for them. The jostling for prime spot atop of Pride Rock may end up with one Lion falling off the cliff face.

Leo Man with other Zodiac Signs

They must learn to survive the tough times and not give up or lose faith when life throws a curve ball. Overindulgence is also a common speed hump — Moet and Beluga caviar should be consumed in small doses and credit cards kept in check. Yes, these guys have it all and are into everything — dress-ups, toys, cameras, lights, action.

Both are often naturally athletic and possess stamina to burn — they love the release of endorphins that sex delivers. Getting carried away often results in a trip to the ER — Doctors have treated copulating Leos for some pretty interesting injuries.

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Aging also presents challenges — as Peter Pan aficionados they suffer dreadful midlife crisis — expect red sports cars, leggy models and plastic surgery.