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If that means letting an agreement fall through, so be it. You're better off going solo than entering into a deal that puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Legal problems will occur on or around the 17th, when the Full Moon forces you to make restitution to the other party.


Don't let yourself be consumed by anger. The sooner you meet this obligation, the faster you can build a happier and healthier future. If an extended trip was stressful, give yourself a few days to recover before going back to business. On the 3rd, the New Moon will attract a problematic moneymaking opportunity. Although you welcome the chance to improve your income, you won't like your colleagues.

You're a highly practical person who would prefers keeping busy to building castles in the air. Many of your fellow workers will resent your diligent attitude. Instead of trying to earn their approval, stay focused on your duties. People around you will soon come to understand that you're worth your weight in gold. At that point, you'll be offered a different type of role.

Russell Grant's 2019 horoscope predicts the next 12 months for every star sign

The Full Moon on the 17th will force you to confront an untrustworthy person. Someone who has betrayed you should answer for their behaviour. Shed light on their deception in a public forum. That way, they won't be able to perpetuate their scams on other unwitting victims. Do the world a favour and expose this manipulator for who they really are. Nobody will look down on you for being fooled. June horoscope: Monthly horoscopes by Russell Grant - what is your astrology forecast?

Changing your image won't improve your professional prospects. Assuming a false front will put even more distance between you and the job you want. Although your path to success is much longer than those who have a more conventional appearance, it will be rewarding. The most valuable lessons involve an element of personal sacrifice.

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The fact you must work harder than anyone else will be empowering. Apply for an exciting job on the 3rd. It may be impossible to land the position at this time, but the New Moon will increase your chances for future success. On the 17th, the Full Moon will force you to confront problems in an intimate relationship. The career constraints of a partner are undermining your bond. Unless one or both of you is willing to change, it may be necessary to go your separate ways.


Are you single? Beware of getting involved with someone who is emotionally distant. The New Moon on the 3rd warns against disclosing sensitive information. If someone confides in you, maintain their privacy.

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It will be tempting to share this information with others, but that will undermine your reputation as a trustworthy person. Dealings with a government agency will be difficult at the beginning of June. You'll be continually turned down for help without being given a reason why. Instead of trying to crack this code, look elsewhere for the assistance you need. A hidden benefactor will come to your rescue when you least expect it. On the 17th, the Full Moon brings unnerving news about a health problem.

It will be necessary to undergo a battery of tests to pinpoint the source of a problem. Although this situation will be very trying, it's important to attend each appointment. Slowly but surely, the truth of your situation will emerge. When it does, you'll find the relief you desperately desire. On the 3rd, the New Moon will put you in some unusual company. Although you'll like some of the people you work with, others will rub you the wrong way.

Don't draw lines in the social sand just yet. You never know who will be in the position to help you, either personally or professionally. If someone asks you for a loan, issue a polite refusal. You can't waste your hard-earned money on an irresponsible person who will gladly milk you for every cent. With friends like that, you won't need enemies. Tune in this morning and find out! See you there! Rank 2: Weekend Astrology - Moon in Libra. It's the last Friday of and the last weekend of This morning we'll be taking a look at the transits that take us through the end of the year.

What does the Astrology in April and May have in store for you? Moonscapes Love your life astrology empowers you to live your genius and love your life. Rank 2: Spring Eclipse Season. Astrology forecast starting March 8 - April 7, Rank 1: Sagittarius. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22nd where it will stay until December 21st.

During this time travel may feed your adventurous spirit.

The wilderness might also call to you, and a hike in the woods or a camping trip could be just what you need to restore your vitality and reconnect with your inner truth. Intellectual travel will also be satisfying — through attending lectures, taking classes or simply talking with people who see the world very differently from yourself. There is also a Full Moon in Gemini so you may be pleasantly surprised by the progress you are making with the project you initiated during the New Moon on November 7th.

Additional insights can make your endeavor seem even more worthwhile, once you incorporate them. No doubt, people will be impressed by what you tell them. Your quest for knowledge can be personally fulfilling once the answers come to you, and you get a chance to show off just a little.

Nebulous Neptune turns direct on Saturday after being retrograde since June. If you are a mutable sign — Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces then this influence may affect you. The year starts out with action planet Mars in its own sign of Aries so gets off to a flying start. This means we need to keep our egos in check and help those in need. For most of January and all of February there will be no planets in retrograde motion. This will provide all of us a reprieve to plan our future and move forward without too many obstacles and limitations.

In July, we have two more eclipses. The first is a Solar Eclipse in moody Cancer. Many of us may find ourselves focused on family matters and issues around the home. On July 16th we have another intense Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. Manifestations that were set in motion at the beginning of the year may finally start to materialize.

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  6. In we have three dreaded Mercury retrogrades. The first in March then July and finally in November. These are times when we need to take caution with communication, travel plans and purchasing electronic equipment. These periods are good for reviewing, renewing and recycling. In December, expansive Jupiter moves into goal seeking Capricorn where it will stay through This is a time when many of us will feel motivated and optimistic about our professional endeavors.

    Rank 1: Weekly Horoscopes - May 14th, Your weekly zodiac forecast. Rank 2: Weekly Horoscopes - December 8th, I this pre-recorded episode I'm joined once again by my friend and fellow Scorpio Sherene Shostak.

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    We talk about the astrology of October, eclipses, the shadow, Pluto, Scorpio, and jealousy. We aslo recorded this while staying in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Prerecorded Podcast In this edition I sit down again with astrologer and fellow Scorpio, Sherene Schostak, to get a debrief on April's monumental cardinal grand cross.

    Sherene also discuses her work with Project 40, a Jungian inspired forty day journey towards deeper awareness and transformation. You can find Project 40 at www. Rank 1: Undergoing Difficult Transits. Dena talks about the reality of undergoing difficult transits to the birth chart. The Full Moon on July 15 is at 22 degrees Capricorn. It falls on fixed star Sulaphat in the Lyre and squares Eris. It is quite timely this Goddess comes up since she featured so heavily in my research into psychopaths.

    I think she may represent is the scapegoat, she did get blamed for the Trojan war after all. Like Eris, psychopaths take the rap for all our inner demons, we can brand someone a psycho and smugly feel good about ourselves. The Moon is also opposite Varuna and conjunct Asteroid Venetia so there is an aquatic theme also. In the second half of the show I look at the celestial weather for the next two weeks starting from July 10th until July 24th.

    Marina from Dark star Astrology discusses the weeks astrology forecast. In the fixed star Regulus moves into the constellation Virgo, what does that mean for humanity? What's the big deal? Some say this is the true start of the Age of Aquarius. We look at the traits of Regulus as opposed to plain old Leo the star sign and also look at some famous celebs with it strong in their charts.

    I also look at the astrological indicators of a psychopath. Is it possible to see this in the chart? Music by Purple Kitchens "Peregrine Cat". Listen to This Week in Astrology now -- free!

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    Click here for complete show notes on AstroShaman. Rank 2: May Manifest Now! Your power to turn thoughts into reality is amplified by a five-planet Grand Cross starring the Law of Attraction planets Saturn and Neptune.


    You gain clarity or a stronger sense of purpose, which energizes your efforts to get ahead or move toward what you really want. Recognition or support from your superiors or others who are in a position to assist you is likely now, especially if you take some initiative. Read your full weekly horoscope Use the buttons below to go to the different categories for the other zodiac signs.

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